Egypt is launching the first digital platform for mining materials, including gold, and license issuance

Within a few months

Engineer Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, announced the commencement of the project to create a digital platform for mining materials, including gold

This project is part of a larger effort to restructure the licensing system and serves as a tool to improve the management of the mining sector and overcome the challenges it faces

The platform will provide geological information and the required maps to investors, facilitating the presentation of investment opportunities in Egypt’s mineral resources

During a progress review at the headquarters of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority, the minister explained that the digital platform for mining materials, like those in leading mining nations, is an electronic platform that offers its services to investors interested in obtaining information about rights for exploration and exploitation of Egyptian mineral resources

This platform will enable them to understand the current status of a specific area, the status of previous licenses, and track ongoing exploration and exploitation permits

The platform will also facilitate effective communication between investors, the Egyptian General Authority for Mineral Wealth, and stakeholders who hold licenses and the public

It will allow applications for research permits and required approvals through a specialized single window

The Minister of Petroleum emphasized that the ministry strongly supports efforts to streamline the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals to accelerate exploration activities and support investment in this promising sector, which possesses mining potential that serves value-added industries and the national economy

The platform will also include access to information about investment opportunities, mobile applications, and electronic geographic information system (GIS) mapping tools that help investors understand opportunities

All these systems will be integrated and electronically linked to the internal workflow of the Mineral Wealth Authority. Data and maps will be stored and automatically backed up on the government’s cloud computing platform

The platform will also provide decision-makers and top management with continuous monitoring of all operations and available data through key performance indicators (KPIs)

The project implementation contract has been signed with a consortium of four companies: Spatial Dimension, a global leader with experience in implementing this type of project for over 40 companies worldwide; MSA, a South African company responsible for digitization and handling geological data; Gold Pyramid Group; and New Smart Egypt, the general contractor

The project is expected to be completed within one year through these companies and the Mineral Wealth Authority

This platform is part of the reform steps taken by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, supported by Egypt’s direction towards improving resource management, benefiting from the country’s political and economic stability, and infrastructure development. A comprehensive strategy for the development of the mining sector has been established based on a sophisticated and integrated vision

In 2018, the ministry began studying the reasons behind the lack of investment in mining in Egypt in previous years, collaborating with a global consultant with similar mining experience in several countries. The diagnostic studies led to the development of a strategic vision for the development of the mining sector in Egypt

Agreements have been reached on seven points, which include financial system updates, licensing system updates, structural system updates, legislative system updates, long-term strategic mining plan for 2040, marketing and investment promotion system establishment, and capacity building and personnel development. These measures have already been implemented, with global bids having been released and agreements signed with winning companies. These companies are global leaders with experience, reputation, mining technology, and financial capability

سيد الأبنودى

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