Minister of Petroleum Witnesses Establishment of “Abu Marwat Gold Mines” Company Today

Today, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Engineer Tarek El Molla, is witnessing the establishment meeting of “Abu Marwat Gold Mines” company, a joint venture between the Mineral Resources Authority and the Canadian company, Aton Resources

Abu Marwat Gold Mines Company

This meeting follows Aton Resources’ submission of a commercial disclosure of gold reserves in the Hamama West and Rodruin areas in January last year. These areas are located in the Abu Marwat concession area, spanning approximately 58 square kilometers.

The establishment meeting of “Abu Marwat Gold Mines” company is announced under the chairmanship of Engineer Tarek El Molla, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, within the framework of cooperation between the Mineral Resources Authority and Aton Mining Company. During the meeting, 8 members will be appointed to the board of directors, in addition to appointing the chairman of the board of directors from the Mineral Resources Authority within the 8 members.

The meeting is attended by geologist Yasser Ramadan, head of the Mineral Resources Authority, and Tuno Vak, chairman of the board of Aton. Also in attendance are a number of leaders from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and board members.

The gold exploration project in the Hamama area in the Eastern Desert is one of the latest mining projects in Egypt. The area contains rich deposits of gold and other minerals. Aton Mining Company is conducting comprehensive exploration operations using the latest technologies to identify and evaluate potential mineral reserves in the area.

Aton has also announced the implementation of a drilling program in several other areas, including the West Garida area, located about 3 kilometers from the western Hamama area under the company’s jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the company has initiated exploration activities in other areas, including the Abu Gharish area, located about 16 kilometers northeast of the company’s main exploration area in Rodruin.

Another program has been designed, comprising 17 holes with a total of 3600 meters in the Semna area, where drilling has already begun. The Semna area is located approximately 10 kilometers northwest of Abu Gharish and is characterized by a long history of gold exploration in ancient and modern times, dating back to the Pharaonic period over 4500 years ago.

It is worth noting that the mining area of Rodruin was discovered at the end of 2017. It represents the first discovery of new gold in Egypt in nearly 100 years. Large quantities of gold have been found on the surface of the soil in this area, making it one of the distinctive areas that will soon be commercially disclosed.

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