Minister Tarek El Molla Honors Geologists of the Mineral Wealth Authority: Investing in Skills and Mining Development

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, honored a group of geologists from the Egyptian General Authority for Mineral Resources who successfully completed various international training programs this year. These programs were implemented in collaboration with specialized entities in countries such as Australia, Japan, and China. This initiative aligns with the ministry’s strategy to develop the skills of the workforce in the mining sector and enhance their capabilities.

During a meeting with these geologists, Engineer El Molla emphasized the significance of developing the human element in the mining sector as one of the fundamental pillars of sector development. He also highlighted that providing opportunities for acquiring scientific knowledge and specialized expertise for mining professionals in Egypt and beyond is among the ministry’s top priorities.

El Molla added that human resource development in the mining sector plays a crucial role in attracting investments by ensuring the availability of competencies and experiences capable of keeping pace with the work and projects of international mining companies investing in Egypt or planning to do so after the reforms undertaken to improve the mining investment climate.

He further affirmed that achieving state resource development in the mining sector and maximizing returns from it are essential goals that can only be realized by following advanced scientific and practical methods and ensuring the presence of qualified personnel to achieve these objectives. He expressed his pride and satisfaction with the successful completion of the geologists who were honored in these specialized training programs, emphasizing the importance of continuing such programs in the future, including the Australian Mining Code program and the recruitment of more geologists to participate in this program.

Additionally, Minister El Molla presented them with certificates of completion for the Australian JORC Mining Code program, which is one of the prominent specialized training programs in the mining field. This program was executed in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AUSIMM). These programs aim to enhance the skills of geologists in the Egyptian mining sector and equip them with the necessary expertise to prepare professional and outstanding geological reports that meet the requirements of the Mineral Wealth Authority and international mining companies.

Engineer El Molla provided support and evaluation devices for these geologists, improving their competency levels in areas such as geological report writing, resource and mineral reserve estimation, geological data analysis, mining economics assessment, geological site characterization, and environmental and financial risk analysis.

The ministry continues to support human resource development in the mining sector through various specialized training programs carried out in cooperation with international entities. These efforts reflect the ministry’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of mining engineers and geologists in Egypt, further increasing its attractiveness for local and international investments in this vital sector.

سيد الأبنودى

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